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Test::Source Class Reference

Assertment source information. More...

#include <cpptest-source.h>

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Detailed Description

Assertment source information.

Contains information about an assertment point.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Test::Source::Source (  ) 

Constructs an invalid source object, which filename and message are empty strings and the line equals zero.

Test::Source::Source ( const char *  file,
unsigned int  line,
const char *  msg 

Constructs a source object.

file Name of the file containing the failing function.
line Line where the function starts.
msg Expression (or message) that caused the failure.

Member Function Documentation

const string & Test::Source::file (  )  const

Name of the file containing the failing function.

unsigned int Test::Source::line (  )  const

Line where the function starts.

const string & Test::Source::message (  )  const

Descriptive message.

const string & Test::Source::suite (  )  const

Name of the suite, which the test belongs to.

const string & Test::Source::test (  )  const

Name of failing test.

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