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Test::CompilerOutput Class Reference

Compiler-like output handler. More...

#include <cpptest-compileroutput.h>

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Compiler-like output handler.

Test suite output handler that only outputs failures in compiler warning/error format. This way, you can use your IDE to browse between failures.

The output format is configurable to be able to emulate different compiler outputs. The following modifiers exist:

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Test::CompilerOutput::Format

Pre-defined compiler output formats.

Generic  Generic compiler format, which equals: %file:%line: %text
BCC  Borland C++ Compiler (BCC) format, which equals: Error cpptest %file %line: %text.
GCC  GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) format, which equals: %file:%line: %text
MSVC  Microsoft Visual C++ (MSVC) format, which equals: %file(%line) : %text

Member Function Documentation

void Test::CompilerOutput::assertment ( const Source s  )  [virtual]

Called when an assertment is issued.

s Assert point information.

Reimplemented from Test::Output.

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